Friday, February 27, 2009

Totally sucked!!

  So, the shoot this pasted wednesday got canceled. The photographer Rick canceled on the day of, so I had to call the models and reschedule everything. Right now I don't have a photographer.  What to do CHRIS??? I better figure something out very soon before I get busy!!  Just incase if you are wonder what the ad looks like, here is the one from 2008 =)

Monday, February 23, 2009

My 2009 ad photo shoot!


  I haven't post in a while, but here is a bit of news.  I have a photo shoot this wednesday, it's for my ad that is  going to be in the Hooters magazine this year. I am super excited, not only I will be  show casing my swimsuits, I will be doing the makeup for the models as well. One of the model is blonde, so she will be wearing a light blue smoky eyes and the other one is a dark hair girl she will be wearing brown basic smoky eyes.  I love "Smoky EYEs" can you tell??? hahaha.. I like my models sexy and hot, smoky eyes is the way to go. =)  Here are some of the suits that will be show case in the shoot.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Playful little girl!

  For some one who is only 4 years old, she sure know lots of things. She is super brave, outgoing, and also major misbehaving. Just today she felt and took down the whole computer rack at daddy's store, YES with all customers there.  I was super angry and yet I felt bad for her. After she felt, she sat there with her little face turned red and terrified. With tear in her eyes, she said" Mommy I am sorry!" What would you have said to her? I swallowed the anger, picked her up and checked  to make sure she is not hurt any where.  
  Arwen is super sweet and  she was born to be on stage.  Her and her dance class performed at a Chinese function this past weekend, after the dance every little girl gets off the stage.. well except Arwen.  She decided that she wants to talk into the microphone, so she took the mic from the MC lady and told hundreds of people in the audience what her name was and happy new year everyone. It wasn't taught, there wasn't any rehersal. She did it herself?? Wow.. I am impressed. She loves it. She said she want everyone to know her name and she loves it when people claps for her.
 Here is a video she sang a chinese song.