Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Bahama trips 2008

 Here Is Brittney C, Maxim Hometown hottie 2004
 My Super sweet roommate Megan!
 Laura and I, but I forgot what the guy's name?? =P
I love Bahamas.. yeah who wouldn't? In the middle of december I went on a little business trip to the Bahamas. The American dream swimsuit Competition is held there every year. Bright sunshine, beautiful white sand and ocean, yeah I enjoy my trip there every year. 
   This year I met up with my old pal Laura, since we haven't seem each other for a long time, it was great to see her again =) My other roommate Megan super sweet girl and I also had a great time.  There was one night we all went to Atlantis's night club and guess who I saw?? Brittney C. don't know who she is??  She was Miss hometown hottie Maxim 2004, weird huh? We just randomly ran into her. Yeah she is one of my customer =)
  Hang out with beautiful contestants all week is my kind of fun =)

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