Friday, December 5, 2014

Different bottom coverage, how does it suppose to fit.

  There are more and more mom and pap shops that are making competition bikinis.  So many of those so called bikini designers are selling bikinis simply throw connectors and crystals on the suit and call themselves bikini designers. Lets first look at what the judges are looking for in a fitness/ NPC competitions, and you will know why making these types bikini may takes some serious thought and designs.
  Number one rule on whether if you will win a fitness/ NPC competition strictly depends on how tone or how big your glutes are.  So I would imagine, the bigger the toner your glutes, the better chances of you winning, right?
 So here is a side by side photo of others sweet heart bottom vs. Waterbabies Bikini  sweet heart bottom. Can you see the difference? The purple bottom has too many problems just from the way it looks. Sweet Heart scrunch shapes like a heart hence its name, it has a major dip in the middle and the round shape on the top to make your bottom look fuller. By making the obvious dip on the top of the crack, it makes the illusion of small waistline and rounder bottom.  So what is the problem with the purple bottom you asked?

It comes up way pass the bottom crack, in another words, it covers too much on her back side. This is a problem because it will make your behind wider, hence waist line wider. Who would want your waist line to appear bigger?

So just how important it is to have the right suit bottoms?  Many bikini coaches and judges will tell you in that one second when they are picking their first call outs, if you stood out well enough, you would have made it.
Stay tune for tomorrows post, is plastic surgery need it in this field?

p.s. Above post is simple my professional opinion, you may choose to like or not like.

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